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Welcome to VidTogether

Host your own Website, where you can watch your mp4 Videos with Others!

The main Page for testing is


Newest Release: Releases

How to install

Download the newest Version from the Releases Page.

IMPORTANT: Install Java 11, if you havent already

Windows: Create a batch file (e.g. “start.bat”) in that you need the Line java -Xmx1G -jar VidTogether.jar. If you rename your .jar file, type your new Name instead of “WebTest”.

Linux: Create a sh file (e.g. “”) in that you need the Line screen -AmdS VidTogether java -Xmx1G -jar VidTogether.jar. If you havent already we recommend installing screen (apt install screen), if you dont want to use it, just write the same as on Windows.

Now start the file (Windows doubleclick, Linux ./ The Programm should start up. If you’re running the Programm at home, you may need to release your Port (standard 80) in your Routers setting.

Now you can access your Site via localhost (if you changed your Port localhost:YOURPORT) or use the IP Address instead of localhost

Support or Contact

Check out my Website for more Information